About Us

Aged wood has an incomparable warmth, stability and patina giving a new home a sense of permanence and place. With its rich amber color, its tight grain, its structural stability, and historical significance, reclaimed wood renders immense value to a residence or a commercial structure.

An interest in milling century timbers began about 15 years ago for Dave Herwynen and Kelly Johnson-Herwynen. To help preserve the past, we select wood with natural and rustic character to produce a distinct flooring product.

Dave has owned his own sawmill since 1986. For 30 years in the trade, he has combined his knowledge, skills and experience to ensure milling is to the finest quality and ensure all customers are completely satisfied. Each order is customized to the specifics of each individual.

We are a home based business which allows the customer to have freedom of time in a natural setting to view products available. You will be talking directly to the owner who knows all the details of the wood and can give you the answers you need on the spot. There is no need to worry about waiting to have someone call you who can provide more information.

We love old wood and it gives us inspiration to serve the customer in order for them to be completely satisfied.

We handle the wood from threshing floor, barn or grainary board and beam form to pulling the nails, cutting the lumber and kiln drying it right here on our property giving us first hand knowledge of the material and processing and can pass on all this information to the customer.